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Drop test video:


Baseplate install onto 15 or 12 round factory Canik Magazine. Check out the video or the written instructions!



1. Wear safety glasses, springs are under compression and may fly out of the magazine. Remove all ammo from magazine. You will need a small flat head screwdriver, a phillips screwdriver, and a 3/32 allen wrench to act as a spring retainer while you install the new baseplate. A pocket knife or utility knife also comes in handy. 

2. Remove factory baseplate by pressing the button on the bottom of the mag upward with a small screwdriver or similar item. Slide factory baseplate forward off the magazine.

3. Your new baseplate comes in two halves. Insert steel spring pins provided into the small holes in one half, about halfway the length of the pin.

4. Insert the factory follower/spring/plastic bottom piece up into the magazine and press them in with your thumb. Use the 3/32 allen wrench inserted through the lowest ammo indicator hole to stop the spring coils from falling out of the magazine. The spring and factory plastic piece at the bottom of the spring should be held entirely inside the magazine by the allen wrench to make install much easier. You may have to fish around with the tip of the allen wrench and figure out which coil retains the spring the best. Other thin items like a small screwdriver that can fit through the hole works as well. Just make sure there is nothing protruding from the bottom of the mag tube.

5. If you are installing onto a 12 rd magazine, use the UPPER SLOT inside the baseplate. If you are installing onto a 15 rd magazine, use the LOWER SLOT inside the baseplate. The new magazine baseplate needs to be placed fully against the bottom of the steel magazine tube before attempting to push the halves together. Place the two halves of the NEW baseplate together over the lips at the bottom of the magazine by pressing them together with several fingers. Be careful not to press too hard in one spot, work your way from pin to pin until the halves fully close. This sometimes takes two hands to push them fully together. A padded vise or padded pliers may also be helpful to gently squeeze the two halves together. If there is excess plastic flashing or black dye around the plastic snap pins that is preventing the halves from fully seating together, trim/scrape it gently away from the base of the plastic pin with a knife until the halves can close together.

6. Insert the stainless screw through the left side counterbore and into the right side tapped hole. Tighten screw gently to help the halves close together. DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN OR DAMAGE TO THREADS MAY OCCUR! You may use blue loc-tite if you wish but it should not be necessary. 

7. Remove the allen wrench from the magazine hole, and the spring with factory plastic piece will suddenly release and drive down into the square hole through the bottom of the baseplate. You may need to help the button fully seat into the square hole by trimming excess dye residue out of the corners.

8. Test the fit of the new baseplate by inserting the new magazine into your firearm and ensuring that no interference occurs with the grip of the firearm. If there is interference or another problem, verify that the baseplate is installed correctly onto the magazine tube by repeating the installation instructions. Verify function by loading the magazine with ammo fully to make sure no binding occurs. 

9. DONE! Go shoot and enjoy your new grip! It should not require any maintenance.


DISSASSEMBLY: You should not need to take the baseplate off unless it becomes really dirty and the inside of the mag needs cleaning. Use care to avoid damage to your magazine or baseplate.

1. Wear safety glasses, disassembling the HurleyWelding Magazine Baseplate can result in the spring flying out of the bottom of the magazine tube at high velocity. Point the bottom of the magazine away from yourself while disassembling. 

2. Remove the screw fully.

3. Use a thin blade, or pocket knife tip to slowly pry the two halves apart from each other. Don't work in one spot too much, slowly work your way all around and eventually the halves will separate. THIS CAN RESULT IN THE SPRING ASSEMBLY FLYING OUT THE BOTTOM OF THE MAGAZINE! BE CAREFUL AND DO NOT HAVE THE BOTTOM POINTED TOWARDS YOU (OR YOUR KIDS OR DOG) WHEN YOU DO THIS. 

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